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Have a Passover question? Want to know some tips for shopping for less? Need links to some leading kashruth sites? We have it! 

Passover for Less Tips: (Consult with your Rabbi):
•  Coffee any plain, unflavored beans; grinder must be clean. Instant requires certification
•  Any dishwashing soap
•  Pure frozen concentrate orange juice- any
•  Frozen fruit-acceptable if not sweetened or cooked, and contains no additives
•  Raw Pecan halves or wholes are acceptable without Passover certification. Also, other raw nuts that are not blanched or roasted and free of bha/bht are also acceptable
•  Kirkland and Trident salmon – OU (no special Passover certification necessary)
•  Soaps – any
•  Styrofoam - any
•  Real lemon in bottle – OU (no special Passover certification necessary)
•  Tea bags – any unflavored
•  Bigelow, many varieties
•  White sugar – any without additives, Brown sugar must have Passover certification
•  Baking soda -all kosher without certification
•  Extra virgin olive oil – all kosher without certification
•  Cocoa –any 100% pure no additives such as Hershey's
•  Quinoa – 2014 Passover Update
   There are several brands of kosher for Passover quinoa this year including Setton
 Packages must be labeled Star-K/Kosher for Passover or OU-P.

Do it Yourself:
•  Make your own Vanilla Sugar
•  Make your own Noodles
•  Make your own Strawberry Jam 
•  Make your own Almond Milk

• Read our Make "Your Own" for Passover feature for a complete list of the recipes including Preserved Lemons and Matzo Farfel

Here are some  convenient links to the top kashruth sites for answers:

CRC   Passover 2014 Guide:  CRC 2014 Passover Product Guide
OU      Passover 2014 Guide: OU Kosher Passover Guide
Star-K Passover 2014 Guide: Star-K 2014 Passover Directory  

Updated March 24, 2014

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